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Cravings & Sleep

I have had an amazing experience with BumBiotics. I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in 20 years. My skin is no longer itching. My cravings for carbohydrates has just about disappeared. The company is wonderfully responsive. I would highly recommend BumBiotics. Thank you!!


I had my second baby in 2015, during the birth he got stuck and they had to do some big internal movements to get him out. I had some major damage to my colon from all of it. For the next 7 years I struggled with extreme blocked colon issues. It was so painful and no one could help me. My stomach was ALWAYS bloated and clogged. Anything I ate, even the most healthy foods and I still looked 6-8 months pregnant…ALL the time. It was so embarrassing.  I could not tolerate dairy, gluten or really a lot of foods. Even the dairy at the WAPF conference made me sick. I tried what felt like everything, some things would help a bit but overall nothing worked.                                                                                             My immune system was weak so I would get sick often and have allergic reactions to everything. I caught something that reflected the famous 2020 sickness in 2021. After that my body really was just too overwhelmed. I started gaining tons of weight, I was freezing cold constantly, I felt horrible.                                                                                                         I started the BumBiotics in October 2023. It took almost a month for me to notice change, but I could tell there was a bit of change. It is  now April I am less than half as bloated, my face is not crazy swollen anymore and I finally am looking like I can loose some of the weight. I am less congested (my nose is not running constantly now). I feel way less brain fog, I can eat organic, sprouted ancient wheat. I can tolerate clean dairy and my bowels have finally started working.                                                                                              The probiotics are God sent and have given me my health back. I encourage everyone to use them, a pure miracle for me and now I can present myself as a mother to my children. Thank you so much Debbie, you are truly God sent.  


After C Diff, I fainted and got a concussion. I feel like the bum biotics are one of the only things I’m taking that is truly helping me recover from both. It helps my mood so much; I stopped them for about 2 weeks and my health and well being started to decline. I got super depressed and dizzy. Once I received my next batch of bum biotics, things started improving again. I won’t be missing a dose anytime soon! Thank you so so much for helping me through one of the hardest times of my life 🙏🏻


I really like these probiotics, they seems to be benefiting my whole body. I do feel an overall improvement over my digestion (but also could be im more healthy conscious avoiding some bad food combination, etc) afterall, a great investment for my health!! The only thing I hope it will improve is the plastic wrap around the bumbiotics, it sometimes can be hard to take it out.
(Our answer) Thank you, in the future we are ordering suppository molds with longer tops on the suppository molds for easier removal.

Feeling Better

 Although I already use a high quality Pre/Pro/Postbiotic I decided to try Bum Buddies after meeting Debbie Bailey at an Expo. I am amazed at how much better I feel! I highly recommend them

Highly Recommend 

Brilliant and innovative product. Highly recommend for many of my patients.

TMAU Benefits

Very fast delivery and I appreciate that you have out extra pack of probiotics as it was very expensive for the shipping. So far my experience with the product has been good and I can see benefits. I am in a support group with people that have TMAU. One of the ladies recommended as it improved her condition. 3 people on the forum have said the found immediate improvements.

Improved Sleep

These are the BEST probiotics on the market! My family and I have improved health due to the BumBiotics suppositories – improved sleep, healthier guts, more energy, along with so much more! I highly recommend this product!!!

TMAU Improvement

I have been using BumBiotics for a couple months now with excellent results. I am part of on online forum for people with a persistent body odor disorder due to gut dysbiosis, known as secondary trimethylaminuria.  I have referred at least 10 people who have recently purchased Bumbiotics, and there are several more in the forum that are interested. I am wondering if it is possible to give them a discount code, as many of them are held back by the price since many of us have spent so much money trying products to manage our disorder, with little to no success. I believe that BumBiotics are more effective for us since they are administered straight to the large intestine, not needing to survive stomach acid or risking colonization of the small intestine. Many of the people in our forum have already seen positive results from using BumBiotics. TMAU is such a difficult disorder to manage and your product is giving people hope that they can live a fulfilling life again.

May 22, 2022

Cytomegalovirus – Epstein Barr

Hi Debbie, I wanted to let you know that after  only 2 suppositories, I do not have anymore the morning fatigue which I have had since I got a Cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr  virus. I notice also more refreshing sleep, which I haven’t had for nearly 20 years. I  have had liver pain in the last 3 months given a mild liver inflammation,  caused by post Covid effects, which also has substantiallly receeded in the last  days.

Research scientist at a Swedish University


BumBiotic testimony April 6, 2020
I used bumbiotics when I had painful yeast rashes everywhere and knew I needed something super powerful to help get them under control. After taking her products for 2 weeks and not changing anything else this is what it looks like. These probiotics are powerful, natural, healthy and easy to use. You can feel them working. I love this product and it’s such a God send. Probiotic suppository’s get absorbed into your body quickly and don’t get canceled out by your stomach acid. I highly recommend. Also, when Debbie told me about the ones with CBD in them I was skeptical, I thought all I need is probiotics. However, I tried them and am hooked. They feel so soothing, relaxing, and help brought down my histamine reactions. My skin responded much more when I used them. They are so worth it.
Abi Stumvoll


April 7, 2020
I was diagnosed with an unknown virus in October 2019. After weeks of fevers and night sweats it then moved into my lungs that eventually turned into a very resilient strain of pneumonia. Due to a very weakened immune system I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr that left me with no energy. It was an extreme struggle to get out of bed.
The doctors had me try three different antibiotics before the pneumonia was under control. For many years prior I have struggled with ulcerative colitis and the antibiotics really set off the ulcerative colitis in an extreme way. It was so bad that I couldn’t leave the house because I would have an accident.
I was blessed to be introduced to Debbie Bailey and her CBD probiotic suppositories. My intestines were healed within a couple of days of taking Bumbiotics and the energy that was taken from me is now back. I feel amazing and I’m so grateful for Debbie’s product, I now have my quality of life. Bumbiotics have dramatically changed my life and my overall health.
I hope this helps someone else in need. I have referred other people to you by sending them your website. I mean every word of this testimony, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


The H-Pylori is gone!!!! Dr. Hartford tested me 3 weeks ago!!! My health and heart-sickness has improved exponentially!!!
Tonya H


Hi! I can’t tell you how much bumbiotics have been saving me lately... they helped me bounce back from the flu quickly, THEN each night I remembered them, I lost a pound the next day, AND my family relapsed with the flu and I fought it off! Thank you so much!!
Colleen G


I’m loving the CBD bumbiotics!!! This is the longest I’ve gone in years without rectal bleeding!
Patty L


Hello, I wanted to let you know that my client has taken 30 days of the BumBiotics. She says she has been feeling much better since the C diff infection.  She was sick with C diff for about about six months
Anonymous Dr.


I am a 61 year old female with Candida symptoms, allergies and going through menopause.
After 2 months of using Bum Biotics my energy level has increased, allergies have let up, stomach bloating seized and I actually feel lighter.
I’m into my 3rd month of BB and I’m not stopping anytime soon! WOOHOO!
All truths! Thank you sista! 
Karen B


February 14, 2019
BumBiotics healed C-Diff!
After two rounds of antibiotics, and taking probiotics and pre-biotics daily, I still had C-Diff.
I added using BumBiotics and that was the missing key! C-Diff was eradicated in 2-weeks.
I have been using BumBiotics for 4 months now and I continue to use them because I am aware of my body getting increasingly healthier and healthier. I am so grateful for Bumbiotics!!!! THANK YOU!


I am so Grateful for the BumBiotics that you introduced me to. At first I felt awkward to use them and I was a bit clumsey, and now when I am getting use to it and getting to know my own body better, I Love It.
I had immediate results of complete elimination with ease. It feels great to not be sluggish any more. When I stopped using the BumBiotics for a short time I immediately felt my system slowing down. Thank you for all the great energy that you Bless me with and I Love not feeling full and humgry at the same time.


I originally came to Debbie with serious elimination issues due to prescription pain medication. She started me on Bumbiotics. Since that time, I have become regular in my bowel movements. Additionally, I find that I sleep much better and my Triglycerides have decreased over 100 points!
A few months ago, I made the unfortunate decision to go off Bumbiotics due to travel and it took 2 months to get back to regular elimination and sleep patterns. I won’t do that again! Bumbiotics is now a must have part of my daily self-care routine.


After years of various medications for chronic pain, my stomach lining was pretty damaged. A short course of ‘preventative chemo’ on tamoxifen opened a whole host of new maladies: I became allergic to almost everything and, in time, was plagued by daily severe nausea–most days too bad to get out of bed. Among other things, my adrenals were wiped out.
With advice from a natural food store, I began taking multiple supplements to support my liver, kidneys and adrenal glands. While the severe allergic reactions began to subside, the terrible nausea didn’t.
Enter BumBiotics, which I am so grateful to have discovered through a friend.. Within days of adding these and apple cider vinegar intake, the nausea went from daily to a 2-3 days a week. When I did get nauseated, it was lasting for fewer hours of the day. My pain also improved. Feelings of anxiety and depression improved. Itching went from constant to a couple days a week
After three months on BumBiotics, I’ve even been able to go back to drinking coffee a few times a week and having tomato sauce without  suffering from acidity flaring up stomach pain or nausea. It is amazing what an improved GI tract does to improve health!
A Stanford University GI specialist had told me there was little hope for improvement, given the severity of my symptoms and my age (a ripe old 60). with severe, almost daily nausea. He also told me  that probiotics would not be helpful for my condition.
BumBiotics proved him wrong. I am so glad–I was completely miserable–sick, depressed and suffering from terrible fatigue. If pain hadn’t woken me up, I’d have slept around the clock.
Now I have my life back. I sleep 7-8 hours/night and have plenty of energy.
I am looking forward to additional health improvements through continued use of this product. I believe I’ll experience elimination of my residual nerve pain and healing of insomnia–both falling asleep and staying asleep.
I should mention that I was able to stop taking all those supplements. I still take calcium and apple cider vinegar, but I no longer need the things for supporting liver, kidney and adrenals. It’s the fastest cure I’ve heard of for chronic and/or adrenal fatigue, and I gained so much more to boot.
~Mary G


Before using bumbiotics my stool was consistently a creamy brown color and very rarely was solid. I struggled to digest many types of meats and would get very uncomfortable indigestion. I averaged one poop a day and found that my diet was extremely difficult to maintain. My stomach was so problematic it was frustrating.
Since taking the bumbiotics things have completely changed. Immediately once I started using them I started having gas. It was the best feeling because there was so much pressure that was leaving. I noticed that my stomach also reduced in swelling. I find that getting through the day is much easier. When I eat food does not nearly have the affect on me that it use to. I never felt that great after eating but now it is a rarity if food even affects me. I can eat wheat products and not feel sluggish or get headaches.
I having seizures almost on a weekly basis prior to taking these and to date I have had 1 grand mal seizure and only a couple absence seizures over this 6 month period of time. Before taking this I was probably averaging 3-4
grand mal and around 100 absence seizures a month.
My body overall feels so much better. It feels like it has gone through a massive detox and is getting stronger and stronger. This is the best I have physically felt in the last 5 years.
I have been on the bumbiotics for about 6 months now and it has changed my life. Thank you for what you do.
–Best Regards,
~Michael F


I have been dealing with high cortisol, leaky gut and female hormone issues for decades. As I’ve gotten older my condition has just seemed to get worse not matter how I ate or what meds or probiotics I took until I found BumBiotics. All of a sudden I have gained energy again and my lab results took a turn for the better to prove it. Repairing the gut is the key to good health which I had known for a long time but had not found the right solution until now. My results feel like a miracle to me. I truly am feeling stronger everyday! I feel so blessed.


My little boy never had a bowel movement regularly for 4 years. He is currently on medication for brain seizures. Most of the time he would go 7-12 days without pooping. Until he started BumBiotics he was suffering to the point of not sleeping for nights on end as well. BumBiotics has him pooping everyday and sometimes up to 5 time a day. His seizures have decreased. It is a true miracle. He uses one every night before going to bed.
~Ursula K.


I am 72 years old. I am diabetic woman who has survived breast cancer. As long as I can remember I have never had a daily bowel movement until I tried and did BumBiotics regularly. I now have daily bowel movements.
~Gradys B.


Leina was given antibiotics for the first four days of her life. At one month of age she was constipated with a distended stomach. She was screaming in pain from constipation. After taking 1 BumBiotic she pooped and fell asleep. After 4 days of BumBiotics she now poop 3 times a day! No longer crying in pain everyday. She is no longer bloated. I was told that she had colicky symptoms – actually she was just gassy and constipated from a destroyed bowel flora due to antibiotics.
~N. Bailey


I am a 73 year old female. I have Schleraderma an auto immune disease. I have only been using BumBiotics for 3 months and have seen improvement. I can now flex and hyperextend my toes. Before, there was so much thickening of the skin I could not do this. I also had pain and cramping in my toes which is gone. My energy level has improved. I haven’t had those days with no energy. I played golf today, walking on a 3 par course. My bowel movements are more consistent- I had a lazy gut-but it is doing much better.

7 month update

Symptoms consist of Schleraderma, an auto immune disease, acid reflux for 8 years, low energy for 1 year, thickening of the skin on toes and feet for 14 years, slow bowel movement.
After 7 months on BumBiotics All my symptoms had greatly decreased. My bowel movements have significantly improved. I have been able to play golf after many years of inactivity.

9 month update

New Blood work tested! My white blood cell count dropped from 18.1 to 9.6 which is in the normal range!! I am running on the treadmill, playing golf and bridge. I have never felt better. I am no longer considered to have an auto immune disease. The only thing I did to change this is BumBiotics.

~Doris D.


My son had red sore like bumps in his mouth and they moved to his hands and feet by the 3rd day. My oldest showed the same signs by the 5th day. After starting Bumbiotics the sores diminished by the 2nd day of treatment in their mouths. By day 10 the bumps were gone out of their mouths and only a few spots on the palms of their hands. I also took BumBiotics as a preventative and never had any bumps/sores in my mouth, hands or feet.
~Amanda T.


I had aggressive chemotherapy and steroids 3 years ago and it ravaged my digestive system and my mental clarity. Since I’ve been taking BumBiotics, I’ve noticed that falling asleep is easy for me now and I wake up feeling rested. I seem to have lost my cravings for sugar and have improved cognitive function. Paired with a diet that is mostly paleo, BumBiotics has restored me to a healthier state than ever before.


The last time I had a Urinary Track Infection (UTI) was 3 years ago where I took antibiotics because of bleeding and painful urination. It took a week and a half to fully recover. On Sunday at 2:15am, I woke up to burning urination. Within an hour, I was painfully urinating blood. By 4am, I was guided to use BumBiotics vaginally. I used it again 2 to 3 more times that day. By 4pm, the painful, burning and bleeding urination was GONE!
Within a week, we also found another delicious use for BumBiotics, it is a good, natural and healthy vaginal lube.
~Shockingly grateful, Bernadette


I am a 52 year old female. I started on BumBiotics 8/1/2016. My symptoms prior to BumBiotics were irregular bowel movements.
I consider my diet a high quality paleo type diet. But on the days when I go off, I can definitely tell my digestion system suffers greatly. Constipation is a serious issue when I fuel my body with garbage. Also my lymph nodes around my armpits swell up and become painful.
It was hard to notice a difference at first when I started. However, since I became consistent taking BumBiotics every night before bed, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my digestive tract being able to handle foods that don’t service my body well. I eat very conscientiously but when I fall off my regime, I know that the 240 Billion live probiotics can sustain my losses when nutrient dense foods are not accessible for me. My bowel movements are regular, painless and extremely attractive.
~Laura B


I am 60 year old female. I was noticing a slight loss of memory and hair loss. Otherwise I appear to be in great health. Though at times I have sugar cravings due to an over growth of Candida in my system.
I have been on BumBiotics for 6 months. My memory is sharp and my hair is healthy. I no longer crave sugar. It is great not to be controlled by my cravings. Thank you BumBiotics!
~Debbie B.


Prior to taking Bumbiotics I ate ice cream almost every night. I was also over weight. Since I have been on BumBiotics I can walk down the ice cream aisle and say NO.
~Steve K.


I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. My PSA was 160. With a change of diet and Bumbiotics my life has changed and my PSA is normal.


I have done drugs and alcohol for a long period of time. I have decided to change my life. I am using BumBiotics and it has greatly reduced my cravings for these addictive substances.


I believe that it has helped me, tremendously, I’ve been able to start eating some maple syrup and some honey, also eating more fruit,
as before I could have absolutely zero anything that contain sugar. So it’s been incredible healing for me. Also my hormonal balance has changed. For the better.  I’m not having pain that used to affect me starting in my face and then go into a headache.


I bought this shipment for a friend who struggles with UTI’s. I have been using Bumbiotics for almost a year for chronic UTI infections as a preventative and have not had one this entire time. This is huge after several years of having them 2-3 times a year. Thank you, Debbie!

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[Comment: This are wonderful ive been taking them for over a year they have helped me tremendously as I had c.diff for three years and had lost 8 inches of my colon due to that horrible infection nothing worked it just continued to return and I was on my death bed several times until I found Debbie and bum biotics they helped me get in remission and I have stayed their for a year now and just when I thought their was no hope their was God bless you Debbie and all that you do] I bought this shipment for a friend who struggles with UTI’s. I have been using Bumbiotics for almost a year for chronic UTI infections as a preventative and have not had one this entire time. This is huge after several years of having them 2-3 times a year. Thank you, Debbie!
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  1. KH

    BumBiotics have made a huge difference in my health. I was getting sick very easily, and now I rarely do.

  2. A
  3. G

    The customer service was terrific and personalized. While I have only been using the produce a few weeks, I have seen a difference in my regularity and have begun a staged reduction in the myriad of other supplements I have been taking to support this vital function. I am hopeful I will be able to discontinue all of them over time!

  4. VD

    Products are one of a kind, multi functional, highly effective for improving the healing of the microbiome. Customer service is excellent and I highly recommend this company and their products.

  5. NR

    Love BumBiotics great product, so effective.