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Chronic severe diarrhea, Anxiety and Depression

My doctor ordered a comprehensive stool analysis plus parasitology because I’d had chronic severe diarrhea for three months. I had already done extensive work to remove toxins and control yeast overgrowth and parasites.

While there was no obvious clinical explanation for the diarrhea, there was one shocking result. The culture of my bugs showed that I had NO growth of lactobacillus or bifidobacteria. I didn’t know how or where to get FMT, so I went to Google looking for a probiotic suppository with the right bugs.

BumBiotics was there when I needed it! When it arrived, I stuck it in the freezer and started on it the next day.

Diarrhea had held me hostage for more than four months by then, and sometimes my anxiety was spiking into panic. I was also having low mood swings.

The turnaround was surprising and very exciting. BumBiotics dramatically reduced my anxiety and improved my mood in just one week, showing how badly I really needed lactobacillus and bifidobacteria!

I felt so much better that I encouraged my adult son to try BumBiotics for his anxiety and depression. He got similar benefits. The most noteworthy change was a big boost to his stress tolerance and self-confidence on the job. He realized that he was no longer overwhelmed by client drama.

Both of us had to skip some doses when the die-off kicked in, but after that it was easy for both of us to love and use the BumBiotics probiotic.

Though I was significantly happier, I still had that pesky diarrhea problem tethering me to the bathroom. Debbie suggested that I add CBD to the mix to ease gut inflammation. I was hesitant about the dose and it took me a week to work it in with my existing CBD protocol, but it definitely calmed my bowels! ! I also used kaolin + pectin (old-school Kaopectate) for a few days to soothe and slow my weary gut. 

Two weeks later, the diarrhea was gone. Instead of 10 to 15 trips to the bathroom per day, I was down to a nice normal two movements a day.

As i reintroduce foods and seasonings, my bowels occasionally go into overdrive, but a CBD suppository is enough to overcome an attack by the next day, instead of suffering for a week. I realize that these products are not magic, but in my house, they sure felt like it. RS

Ulcerative Proctitis

I’m 62 years old and have had UP since age 25.  In that time I’ve been on Asacol, prednisone pills (more times than I can count), prednisone enemas, mesalamine enemas, DMSO, melatonin, Lialda, Canasa, baking soda and water every morning, low dose naltrexone, Humira and now Entyvio.  Some of these items are/were prescribed but several were not.  There may have been several other things that I can’t recall.  Humira worked for a while until it didn’t and now Entyvio has stopped working.  Infusions are every 8 weeks and now the infusion stops working after just a couple of weeks.  Based on this I did yet more searching and found BumBiotics probiotic suppositories.  The response was immediate (next day) and for the better .Given my almost 40 year history with this affliction I’ll temper my enthusiasm somewhat until I see if the favorable response has longevity.  What I like is that it’s making my gut more healthy and I expect that’s a good thing.  I can tell you that it got me out of a bad way awfully fast and that was dearly appreciated.  I got my normal back and that means I don’t have to plot my day around restroom locations.

I had a sigmoidoscopy yesterday and my entire rectum and colon just above it were perfect!  He probably looked 10-11 inches in.  There were no lesions/ulcerations and no inflammation.  In short, all was perfect.  This was a first in my 40 year history with this ailment.  Dan Murphy, my gastro guy, wanted to do this (the sigmoid) to confirm what I had told him (asymptomatic).  As a result, I am discontinuing Entyvio infusions (next infusion was 1/14…now cancelled) and will continue instead with 2 Lialda, 4.5 mg naltrexone and one butter bullet per day.
I’ll keep to this regimen for probably 5-6 weeks and then wean off the Lialda to see if I stay okay.  There’s no question the BumBiotics allowed my gut to heal itself.  In the past I was up to 4 Lialda per day plus the naltrexone and was still symptomatic which is why the Entyvio came in in the first place.  Once on the Entyvio I stopped both of those and that worked for ~1.5 years.  Then symptoms came again so back to Lialda/naltrexone and better but not perfect.  Enter the BumBiotics and all was well to the point I backed off the Lialda to two per day.  Again, I’m going to go slow.  Flare-ups really mess up one’s day so slow is good.  Plus I want to be well-off the Entyvio (out of my system) before I make an additional change.

In other news I gave your information to Gina Davis at Robinhood Integrative Health (https://robinhoodintegrativehealth.com/).  So now Dr. Murphy is aware (and a believer) and so is Gina.
This is a big deal for me.  I’m human again and not reliant on an expensive wonder drug (that ultimately failed).
Many Thanks and Best Regards,

Autistic Non-Verbal

The Best Probiotic Suppositories On The Market!
Reviewed in the United States on January 31, 2021
I have been purchasing BumBiotics for a few months. My two sons and I use them daily. My youngest son is non-verbal autistic. He has suffered with a yeast over-growth for the past 11 years. We tried everything, from diet to anti-fungals. Nothing worked! The yeast appeared outwardly as a red rash around his nose and caused him to laugh uncontrollably and be extremely hyper. With the use of BumBiotics, there are no more yeast issues. The rash is totally gone and he is considerably calmer. His sleeping has also improved. He goes to sleep much quicker and stays asleep all night. I know that as we continue the use of this amazing product, we will have many more improvements. I believe that the gut is the most direct way to achieve health and vitality! These suppositories are made with the best, organic ingredients and were created with healing others in mind. Love is definitely added to each batch! You won’t find a better product or a more dedicated company, whose mission is to help others achieve optimum health!


BumBiotic testimony April 6, 2020I used bumbiotics when I had painful yeast rashes everywhere and knew I needed something super powerful to help get them under control. After taking her products for 2 weeks and not changing anything else this is what it looks like. These probiotics are powerful, natural, healthy and easy to use. You can feel them working. I love this product and it’s such a God send. Probiotic suppository’s get absorbed into your body quickly and don’t get canceled out by your stomach acid. I highly recommend. Also, when Debbie told me about the ones with CBD in them I was skeptical, I thought all I need is probiotics. However, I tried them and am hooked. They feel so soothing, relaxing, and help brought down my histamine reactions. My skin responded much more when I used them. They are so worth it.Abi Stumvoll


April 7, 2020I was diagnosed with an unknown virus in October 2019. After weeks of fevers and night sweats it then moved into my lungs that eventually turned into a very resilient strain of pneumonia. Due to a very weakened immune system I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr that left me with no energy. It was an extreme struggle to get out of bed. The doctors had me try three different antibiotics before the pneumonia was under control. For many years prior I have struggled with ulcerative colitis and the antibiotics really set off the ulcerative colitis in an extreme way. It was so bad that I couldn’t leave the house because I would have an accident. I was blessed to be introduced to Debbie Bailey and her CBD probiotic suppositories. My intestines were healed within a couple of days of taking Bumbiotics and the energy that was taken from me is now back. I feel amazing and I’m so grateful for Debbie’s product, I now have my quality of life. Bumbiotics have dramatically changed my life and my overall health. I hope this helps someone else in need. I have referred other people to you by sending them your website. I mean every word of this testimony, thank you from the bottom of my heart.Mignon 


The H-Pylori is gone!!!! Dr. Hartford tested me 3 weeks ago!!! My health and heart-sickness has improved exponentially!!!Tonya H 


Hi! I can’t tell you how much bumbiotics have been saving me lately... they helped me bounce back from the flu quickly, THEN each night I remembered them, I lost a pound the next day, AND my family relapsed with the flu and I fought it off! Thank you so much!!Colleen G 


I’m loving the CBD bumbiotics!!! This is the longest I’ve gone in years without rectal bleeding!Patty L 


Hello, I wanted to let you know that my client has taken 30 days of the BumBiotics. She says she has been feeling much better since the C diff infection.  She was sick with C diff for about about six months
Anonymous Dr.


I am a 61 year old female with Candida symptoms, allergies and going through menopause.After 2 months of using Bum Biotics my energy level has increased, allergies have let up, stomach bloating seized and I actually feel lighter.I’m into my 3rd month of BB and I’m not stopping anytime soon! WOOHOO!All truths! Thank you sista! Karen B 


February 14, 2019BumBiotics healed C-Diff!After two rounds of antibiotics, and taking probiotics and pre-biotics daily, I still had C-Diff.I added using BumBiotics and that was the missing key! C-Diff was eradicated in 2-weeks.I have been using BumBiotics for 4 months now and I continue to use them because I am aware of my body getting increasingly healthier and healthier. I am so grateful for Bumbiotics!!!! THANK YOU!A.B. 


I am so Grateful for the BumBiotics that you introduced me to. At first I felt awkward to use them and I was a bit clumsey, and now when I am getting use to it and getting to know my own body better, I Love It.I had immediate results of complete elimination with ease. It feels great to not be sluggish any more. When I stopped using the BumBiotics for a short time I immediately felt my system slowing down. Thank you for all the great energy that you Bless me with and I Love not feeling full and humgry at the same time.~kj 


I originally came to Debbie with serious elimination issues due to prescription pain medication. She started me on Bumbiotics. Since that time, I have become regular in my bowel movements. Additionally, I find that I sleep much better and my Triglycerides have decreased over 100 points!A few months ago, I made the unfortunate decision to go off Bumbiotics due to travel and it took 2 months to get back to regular elimination and sleep patterns. I won’t do that again! Bumbiotics is now a must have part of my daily self-care routine.~JB 


After years of various medications for chronic pain, my stomach lining was pretty damaged. A short course of ‘preventative chemo’ on tamoxifen opened a whole host of new maladies: I became allergic to almost everything and, in time, was plagued by daily severe nausea–most days too bad to get out of bed. Among other things, my adrenals were wiped out. With advice from a natural food store, I began taking multiple supplements to support my liver, kidneys and adrenal glands. While the severe allergic reactions began to subside, the terrible nausea didn’t. Enter BumBiotics, which I am so grateful to have discovered through a friend.. Within days of adding these and apple cider vinegar intake, the nausea went from daily to a 2-3 days a week. When I did get nauseated, it was lasting for fewer hours of the day. My pain also improved. Feelings of anxiety and depression improved. Itching went from constant to a couple days a week After three months on BumBiotics, I’ve even been able to go back to drinking coffee a few times a week and having tomato sauce without  suffering from acidity flaring up stomach pain or nausea. It is amazing what an improved GI tract does to improve health! A Stanford University GI specialist had told me there was little hope for improvement, given the severity of my symptoms and my age (a ripe old 60). with severe, almost daily nausea. He also told me  that probiotics would not be helpful for my condition. BumBiotics proved him wrong. I am so glad–I was completely miserable–sick, depressed and suffering from terrible fatigue. If pain hadn’t woken me up, I’d have slept around the clock. Now I have my life back. I sleep 7-8 hours/night and have plenty of energy. I am looking forward to additional health improvements through continued use of this product. I believe I’ll experience elimination of my residual nerve pain and healing of insomnia–both falling asleep and staying asleep. I should mention that I was able to stop taking all those supplements. I still take calcium and apple cider vinegar, but I no longer need the things for supporting liver, kidney and adrenals. It’s the fastest cure I’ve heard of for chronic and/or adrenal fatigue, and I gained so much more to boot.~Mary G 


Before using bumbiotics my stool was consistently a creamy brown color and very rarely was solid. I struggled to digest many types of meats and would get very uncomfortable indigestion. I averaged one poop a day and found that my diet was extremely difficult to maintain. My stomach was so problematic it was frustrating. Since taking the bumbiotics things have completely changed. Immediately once I started using them I started having gas. It was the best feeling because there was so much pressure that was leaving. I noticed that my stomach also reduced in swelling. I find that getting through the day is much easier. When I eat food does not nearly have the affect on me that it use to. I never felt that great after eating but now it is a rarity if food even affects me. I can eat wheat products and not feel sluggish or get headaches. I having seizures almost on a weekly basis prior to taking these and to date I have had 1 grand mal seizure and only a couple absence seizures over this 6 month period of time. Before taking this I was probably averaging 3-4grand mal and around 100 absence seizures a month. My body overall feels so much better. It feels like it has gone through a massive detox and is getting stronger and stronger. This is the best I have physically felt in the last 5 years. I have been on the bumbiotics for about 6 months now and it has changed my life. Thank you for what you do.–Best Regards,~Michael F 


I have been dealing with high cortisol, leaky gut and female hormone issues for decades. As I’ve gotten older my condition has just seemed to get worse not matter how I ate or what meds or probiotics I took until I found BumBiotics. All of a sudden I have gained energy again and my lab results took a turn for the better to prove it. Repairing the gut is the key to good health which I had known for a long time but had not found the right solution until now. My results feel like a miracle to me. I truly am feeling stronger everyday! I feel so blessed.~Kelley 


My little boy never had a bowel movement regularly for 4 years. He is currently on medication for brain seizures. Most of the time he would go 7-12 days without pooping. Until he started BumBiotics he was suffering to the point of not sleeping for nights on end as well. BumBiotics has him pooping everyday and sometimes up to 5 time a day. His seizures have decreased. It is a true miracle. He uses one every night before going to bed.~Ursula K. 


I am 72 years old. I am diabetic woman who has survived breast cancer. As long as I can remember I have never had a daily bowel movement until I tried and did BumBiotics regularly. I now have daily bowel movements.~Gradys B. 


Leina was given antibiotics for the first four days of her life. At one month of age she was constipated with a distended stomach. She was screaming in pain from constipation. After taking 1 BumBiotic she pooped and fell asleep. After 4 days of BumBiotics she now poop 3 times a day! No longer crying in pain everyday. She is no longer bloated. I was told that she had colicky symptoms – actually she was just gassy and constipated from a destroyed bowel flora due to antibiotics.~N. Bailey 


I am a 73 year old female. I have Schleraderma an auto immune disease. I have only been using BumBiotics for 3 months and have seen improvement. I can now flex and hyperextend my toes. Before, there was so much thickening of the skin I could not do this. I also had pain and cramping in my toes which is gone. My energy level has improved. I haven’t had those days with no energy. I played golf today, walking on a 3 par course. My bowel movements are more consistent- I had a lazy gut-but it is doing much better.

7 month update

Symptoms consist of Schleraderma, an auto immune disease, acid reflux for 8 years, low energy for 1 year, thickening of the skin on toes and feet for 14 years, slow bowel movement.After 7 months on BumBiotics All my symptoms had greatly decreased. My bowel movements have significantly improved. I have been able to play golf after many years of inactivity.

9 month update

New Blood work tested! My white blood cell count dropped from 18.1 to 9.6 which is in the normal range!! I am running on the treadmill, playing golf and bridge. I have never felt better. I am no longer considered to have an auto immune disease. The only thing I did to change this is BumBiotics.

~Doris D. 


My son had red sore like bumps in his mouth and they moved to his hands and feet by the 3rd day. My oldest showed the same signs by the 5th day. After starting Bumbiotics the sores diminished by the 2nd day of treatment in their mouths. By day 10 the bumps were gone out of their mouths and only a few spots on the palms of their hands. I also took BumBiotics as a preventative and never had any bumps/sores in my mouth, hands or feet.~Amanda T.


I had aggressive chemotherapy and steroids 3 years ago and it ravaged my digestive system and my mental clarity. Since I’ve been taking BumBiotics, I’ve noticed that falling asleep is easy for me now and I wake up feeling rested. I seem to have lost my cravings for sugar and have improved cognitive function. Paired with a diet that is mostly paleo, BumBiotics has restored me to a healthier state than ever before.~C.G. 


The last time I had a Urinary Track Infection (UTI) was 3 years ago where I took antibiotics because of bleeding and painful urination. It took a week and a half to fully recover. On Sunday at 2:15am, I woke up to burning urination. Within an hour, I was painfully urinating blood. By 4am, I was guided to use BumBiotics vaginally. I used it again 2 to 3 more times that day. By 4pm, the painful, burning and bleeding urination was GONE!Within a week, we also found another delicious use for BumBiotics, it is a good, natural and healthy vaginal lube.~Shockingly grateful, Bernadette 


I am a 52 year old female. I started on BumBiotics 8/1/2016. My symptoms prior to BumBiotics were irregular bowel movements.I consider my diet a high quality paleo type diet. But on the days when I go off, I can definitely tell my digestion system suffers greatly. Constipation is a serious issue when I fuel my body with garbage. Also my lymph nodes around my armpits swell up and become painful.It was hard to notice a difference at first when I started. However, since I became consistent taking BumBiotics every night before bed, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my digestive tract being able to handle foods that don’t service my body well. I eat very conscientiously but when I fall off my regime, I know that the 240 Billion live probiotics can sustain my losses when nutrient dense foods are not accessible for me. My bowel movements are regular, painless and extremely attractive.~Laura B 


I am 60 year old female. I was noticing a slight loss of memory and hair loss. Otherwise I appear to be in great health. Though at times I have sugar cravings due to an over growth of Candida in my system.I have been on BumBiotics for 6 months. My memory is sharp and my hair is healthy. I no longer crave sugar. It is great not to be controlled by my cravings. Thank you BumBiotics!~Debbie B. 


Prior to taking Bumbiotics I ate ice cream almost every night. I was also over weight. Since I have been on BumBiotics I can walk down the ice cream aisle and say NO.~Steve K. 


I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. My PSA was 160. With a change of diet and Bumbiotics my life has changed and my PSA is normal.~Anonymous 


I have done drugs and alcohol for a long period of time. I have decided to change my life. I am using BumBiotics and it has greatly reduced my cravings for these addictive substances.~Anonymous