Organic Farm

John Sordelet’s
Black Bear Springs Organic Farm

I am passionately focused on being naturally healthy and in absolute balance.  My journey began in 1997 when I studied Organic Farming.  I decided conventional farming practices were not acceptable for my consumption.  By 2003, my wife and I were on our way toward providing organic consumables for you as well.

Our registered, organic, family owned and operated farm embraced the native black bear families, and we share the nutritional artesian spring waters that nourish our crops and their cubs.  The California sun, soil and spring water are the superior choices along with higher quality control a small farm can accomplish.  We have worked hard to provide only the best products for your health.

We have provided a variety of options, all worth experiencing:   Our oil is from the most exquisite hemp flowers, and contains the highest natural levels of full-spectrum cannabinoids.

To achieve the most overall balance and health, we’ve partnered with Bumbiotics and The Therapeutic Body Center to create something amazing:  a Pro-biotic, CBD Suppository.  I use my hemp products every day as results were obvious.  I recommend you do as well.

**Blessing from Our Family to Yours**