Our Oil

Our oil is a combination of all three cultivars: T1-Top, Cherry Wine, and Mountain Mango; in a  truly full-spectrum Hemp extract.  Our crop is naturally enhanced by the pest and nutrition management practices used on my certified-organic farm.

There is a three-step process to refine hemp oil.  First, the ethanol extraction process makes available the most cannabinoids in an already readily consumed, solvent, food-grade ethanol.  Step two,   short-path distillation.  Only “single pass distillation” captures the highest full-spectrum cannabinoid content.  This produces the most powerful entourage effect, the combination of all the cannabinoids performing together.  Third, we dilute the extremely concentrated extract with MCT oil to bring the extract back to the natural cannabinoid levels.  MCT oil is an amazing carrier oil that penetrates the epidermis quickly and efficiently, delivering the cannabinoids to your endocannabinoid system.

Seed Selection

Seed selection for this crop is extra important.  Besides the wide variety of cultivars to choose from, IE: tall, thin-leafed Sativas; short, stout, broad-leafed Indicas; as well as everything in between, seed-quality is another huge factor:  high quality seed yields high quality plants.

With these factors in mind, I sought the most resilient cultivars available through tried, tested, and experienced legal hemp farmers.  It became a top priority insuring we got the best seed.

We were looking for these qualities: disease resistant and feminized seed.  Feminized seeds produce all female plants, which produce much higher CBD yields and potency.  The anti-viral effects of the disease resilient plants truly enhances the therapeutic value as well.  I am extremely happy to have achieved both of these goals.


This cultivar is a stout, broad leafed, Indica-dominant strain. This one is truly a big-bud producer. The huge buds are extra resinous and are loaded with unique cannabinoids and terpines (flavors).  Grown from clones off our own mother plants, every flower is virtually identical, making dosing quite easy.

Cherry Wine

This tall, thin-leafed, Sativa-dominant strain.

My Cherry Wine cultivar, grown from seed, produced several distinct phenotypes. This means you have a variety of looks and flavors from the exact same strain, while maintaining the overlying benefits of the strain. One exceptional phenotype, I separated and cultivated as ‘Cherry Wine Hoop,’ using clones from our own mother plants to ensure every flower is virtually identical and making dosing quite easy. Our ‘Cherry Wine Outdoor’ has the variety of phenotype expressions, that appeals to the connoisseur. You will immediately understand why Cherry Wine has so quickly become a leading choice.

Mountain Mango

This Indica-Sativa cross is an absolutely beautiful plant and produces flowers that contain qualities of both, making it highly versatile in its’ effects. This strain has more of the look and smell of cannabis, without the powerful effects of THC. Grown from seed, there is a small variation in phenotypes, making it ideal for the connoisseur.