BumBiotics CBD Probiotic Suppository: 30-Day Supply Monthly Subscription

$110.00 / month

BumBiotics are the simple approach to restoration of your gut flora or microbiome. BumBiotics contain 13 strains of live human beneficial bacterium.

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BumBiotics- Full-Spectrum 100% Natural Hemp Flower CBD and Probiotic Suppository 750mg 30-Day Supply

BumBiotics- Hemp Flower CBD and  Probiotic Suppository

*     Infection  – Detoxification – Constipation – Yeast – Eczema – Inflammation – Pain

*     Probiotic Suppositories are 70% more Effective in Delivery than Oral Probiotics

*     Only 3% of Oral Probiotics make it to the Large Intestine

  • Directly Interacts with CB1 and CB2 (Cannabinoid) Receptors in the Intestines
  • Full Spectrum, Whole Plant Single Pass, Short-path Distillation
  • California Certificate Organic Farm Grown
  • Third Party Laboratory Verification – Certificate of Analysis (COA
  • Non Psychoactive

Full Spectrum 100% Natural Hemp Flower Probiotic Suppositories are a Simple, Direct Approach to Restoring your Gut/Bowel Flora and Immune System. BumBiotics Probiotic Hemp Flower CBD Suppositories contain 750 mg of Hemp Flower CBD and 15 strains of Live Bacterium and 240 billion Beneficial Probiotics Cultured to Enliven the Human Microbiome.

Organic, Non GMO and Pesticide Free: Probiotics, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk Powder, Spring Water, Coconut Water, Full Spectrum Hemp Flower CBD Oil


Contains ZERO
Dairy, Lactose, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Corn, Eggs, Yeast, Artificial Flavors, Preservatives or GMO

100% Live Probiotic Intelligence
Created for conscious consumers

Suggested Use-
1 Frozen BumBiotic Probiotic/CBD Suppository Rectally per Day until Desired Health is Achieved

Maintenance- As Needed to maintain desired health

Can be used Vaginally

CBD Certificate of Analysis

*To cancel your subscription, please contact us directly at 805-440-4334 or by email at sales@bumbiotics.com

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