What is a Bum?

A Bum is the thing you sit on, it has 2 cheeks and a place the sun doesn’t shine (your rectum). We have developed some terms that we use to make talking about this subject (that may be taboo in your world) a little more acceptable.

Some of the Definitions that we refer to:

  • Bum – Your gluteus maximus (butt)
  • Bum-apedia –The  BumBiotic Language
  • Bum-sicle – A Edible, Delicious Popsicle for your Bum
  • Bum-Up – To insert the Probiotic Bumsicle into the Rectum
  • Bum-Tunes- The noise you make while releasing gas from your Bum
  • Bum-ology – The study of your gut flora or microbiome
  • Bum-shuffle – What you do when you have to find the toilet now!
  • Bum-plosion – What happens when you sit on the toilet while detoxing
  • Bum-tastic – How you feel after 30 days
  • Bum-noxious – A feeling you may have from detoxing
  • Bum-alicious – What the bum says after insertion
  • Bum-olympics – The process of inserting the Bumsicle